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Monday, July 10, 2006

A Life Lived With Passion Part 2

Coco Chanel said “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.”

Preach on sistah. Let's talk about fabric. Are you comfortable right now? How do your clothes feel on you? Does the fabric drape well? Just because something looks good on a hanger doesn't mean it's a good deal.

What would Coco do?

1. Coco naturally digs a good sale, but if the fabric feels like crap on the hanger, it's not gonna feel good to wear. Linen, cotton blends and silk are best. Those fabrics are your friends. 100% polyester is the devil. It's going to stick on you in hot weather, and you'll feel like crap.

2. You know my deep hatred for the label Leslie Fay, but that hatred is reserved for the Sag Harbor line as well. There is never lining, the tailoring is non-existent, and it looks like you have given up on fashion. Please avoid these labels at all costs. It is better to get a nicely tailored pair of pants than a whole suits that looks like style death.

3. Look for details. Are buttons sewn on well? The garment lined? You will have more use of the garment if you don't have to re-sew buttons. If the garment is lined, it will drape on you better and not bunch up in odd places. Rember comfort is key. You are worth it!

4. Own your size. If you have told yourself you have been a size 8 since high school, but have been hitting the Krispy Kreme drive through and sit behind a computer screen all day, you may need a size intervention. If buttons or zippers look like they are screaming for mercy in the mirror, others see this as well. Some manufacturers may run smaller or larger for your "size," so bring two sizes of garment with you into the fitting room. The one that fits you with ease is the one for you.

5. Don't forget other fabrics in your house as well! Hit the department store sales, and pick up bedsheets and towels there. Quality towels will absorb water better, and they will wear better with time and many washings. The best bedsheets are pima cotton. I got a set of pima cotton sheets for a wedding present 12 years ago, and I'm still using them. There is nothing better than sleeping on soft, clean cotton sheets. A good rule is to be sure the sheet thread count is at least 250. Anything less than that will feel like paper. If it feels like paper between your fingers, are you going to get a good night's sleep?

Surround yourself in comfort, and you will be surrounded by luxury.


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