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Monday, July 17, 2006

The Duck of Destiny

Yesterday the husband and I went to the Loveless Café. After getting our buzzer, and being told there was an hour wait, we visited the shops on the café grounds. We went into the Curious Hearts Emporium. Fun, fun store. As I perused the shelves, from the distance I saw a wooden duck, with its head held in a proud manner, and it was painted a lovely shade of red. I said to my husband, “hey, I like this duck.” Then I went in for a closer look. I noticed there was a wooden tag around its neck. The duck had a name. The tag said “My name is……”

The duck and I shared a first name. The duck was meant to live in my house.

I have a favorite song by American jazz singer Karrin Allyson. It is called “O Pato,” which is Portuguese for “The Duck.” It is impossible not to bop your head around and be happy when you hear this song. The song is about a duck that is Samba dancing, then a goose comes by and joins him, and then a swan joins them as well. I know it sounds corny, but that song has cheered me up on many a drive home after an awful day at work. One project I have had in the back of my head is to create a painting, somewhat abstract, based on this song. Now not only do I have the song for inspiration, but a model for a frame of reference. Kickass.

Here’s the website. I got the large duck. She sits proudly in my living room, just waiting to be painted. Her wish will be granted soon enough.


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