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Thursday, August 17, 2006

People Have Cooties

It's summer cold season, and I'm being attacked on two fronts. My excellent boss has a head cold, and now my dear husband is sick. Does this mean I am Typhoid Mary? I hope not.

What would Coco do when people all around her have cooties?

1. Take a multi-vitamin every single day - especially when people around you are sick. A body that has vitamins and minerals is going to be better prepared to fight off a cold.

2. Wash your hands all the time, or use hand sanitizer, especially if you work with someone that is sick.

3. Drink water, water, water. This is going to sound gross, but if your nasal mucus membranes are dry, it is easier for cold germs to invade. People just don't drink enough water. Keep a bottle on your desk and/or in the car at all times. Keep that body hydrated!

4. If you do start to feel malaise, take Airborne. I absolutely love this stuff. The product was a developed by a school teacher. Let's face it...a class room is like a giant petri dish, and kids get sick all the time. It is an effervescent pill that you place into 8 ounces of water that contains antioxidants, electrolytes, medicinal herbs and vitamins. It is not gritty at all, lightly sweetened, and refreshing. I'm telling ya the stuff is great.

5. In the event you do catch someone cooties, I am a big believer in Puffs Plus with Lotion. The person that created this product is a genius. Tissues start to feel like sandpaper after a while, and your poor nose gets all raw and red. Best to prevent that for as long as possible.

Be well!


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