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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


What separates the lovely from the lame? Accessories my friends.....the perfect outfit has just the right balance of accessories. My favorite accesory for making an outfit ever so smarter is the ubiquitous scarf. My husband is not a fan of the scarf, and that's just fine since he does not wear them (tee hee). Yep, you can find them in every store, but the material is what makes the scarf. Do not buy anything polyester. It will feel awful against your skin, and who knows if those colors won't wind up on your neck if you perspire. Always choose 100% silk. I am a big fan of Stein Mart. You can always find silk scarves there at a reasonable price. Don't be afraid of bold colors....you can always balance out the bold colors and/or patterns with muted or solid colors on the rest of your outfit.

Coco's favorite outfit for a weekend lunch:

1. Solid tee shirt (of nice construction and shape - nothing ratty)
2. Capris
3. Fun sandals or espadrilles
4. Scarf tied around the neck
5. Smallish hoop earrings

And there you have it. A perfectly lovely and smart outfit for lunch with a friend or whatever.

Everyone should have a dream, if you are a reader of my blog, and I guess if you are here the answer to that question would be yes, you know I have a fondness for purses. Although I cannot afford a Hermes Kelly bag yet,

I would reeeeeeaalllllly like to at least have one of their gorgeous scarves.

The black version of this one has caught my eye. I cannot believe I have not visited this website before. It is super fun. You can scroll over the scarf to see it in finer detail, there are other colors to choose from for a particular pattern, and you can see how it looks knotted. So, I have decided that the next time I go to Paris, I am going to go to the Hermes store, peruse and touch all of the sumptuous scarves, and walk out of there with a scarf in that signature orange box with a Hermes orange shopping bag. Every girl can dream and should!


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