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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Coco Knows.....so ask me already!

Dear reader Jane has asked me for my advice/opinions on the following faux pas. She also suggested I have an "Ask Coco" feature for those seeking advice. Coco is glad to help, so please e-mail me if you are so inclined. Here is Jane's e-mail, and my responses are in italics:

1. People, Men AND Women, who insist on wearing sun-visors in public - on the golf course or a tennis match is ONE thing, but in a restaurant or
some other public event is a serious no no. I have a fashion challenged friend who insists on wearing one - even after I have told him (out of love) what a dork he looks like. How vile. Nothing says fashion death better than putting see-through plastic on your head. Now, if said person is on a golf range or eating at the club house after tennis, I do not see a problem with this head gear, as long as it is outside. If said person is at an event other than a sporting match, or eating at an al fresco restaurant, there are much better options. A nice straw hat with a wide brim is always lovely, and goes with most ensembles. Baseballs hats are not acceptable, there are much nicer options for men as well. Target has a nice selection of hats at affordable prices. So pick one up!

2. Those wallets that are fastened to their jeans by a chain - is pick-pocketing such a problem that we must leash out wallets at this point? Yeah I don't get that look either. Are you a military agent perchance? Is your wallet as precious as "The Football" that is carried on Air Force One? If not, there is no reason for such a garish piece of hardware. If your concern is security, invest in a money belt.

3. Man sandals - talk amongst yourselves. I do not have a problem with men in sandals. As long as said sandals are not nasty in appearance. Leather sandals can look great with a nice pair of linen pants or shorts for summer wear. Stained and worn out plastic flip flops look gross. We all know they cost $5. If you want to wear those, spend another $5 and at least look presentable.

4. Women, who have "cankles" or "mankles" who insist on wearing capri pants - or pedal-pushers, as my Mother calls them. Now I understand that there is not one size for every woman, and every woman deserves to be comfortable and not swaddled in lots of clothing, especially in the heat of the summer. As long as said capri pants do not look like they are strangling the legs (especially in the ankle/lower leg region), and are tailored to give shape, I'm fine with this look. It's all about owning your size.

So keep those e-mails coming folks!


Anonymous Muffy said...

Ah cankles (I don't think "mankles" exist because some men have lovely ankles that most women would kill to have) are tough. I don't think anything except pants can make them look good.

This takes me back to that post you had about bermuda shorts being all-the-rage now and you're right - those things don't look good one MOST legs, cankles or otherwise.

As for visors in restaurants, well, Nashville's just not known for being a dressy town. Everywhere you go, someone's going to sport a baseball cap or flip flops, even in really really nice restaurants.

Le sigh.

2:21 PM  

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