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Friday, July 21, 2006

It's about the little things.

Greetings friends. I’ve been thinking about small, economical things you can do to make your self feel better, and look better. I present the following list for your education and entertainment.

1. Drink water. I know I’ve said it before, but it is so important. A hydrated body is a happy body.

2. Take a multivitamin every single day. This is imperative especially if you tend to have a poor diet. Just this one little step will improve your health, give you a better defense against colds, and improve your hair and nails.

3. Keep your nails tidy. I tend not to wear polish, but I do keep them looking neat and clean courtesy of my metal file, and a fantastic product Neutrogena makes called Instant Nail Enhancer. It has vitamins, etc. that are supposed to improve your nails, but I don’t know if that is true or not. It wears off in a day or two, and gives your nails a buffed, slightly shiny appearance. Guys can use this too if they are so inclined……it’s that neutral. The best thing about this product is that there is absolutely no smell, so you can use the product at work without stinking up the place.

4. Stretch and maintain good posture. Cubicle drones tend to slump over their desk all day. This is so very bad for your back muscles, and it does not present a professional image. Keep your back nice and straight, and take a break every so often and stretch. It’s a great way to reduce stress, and you will feel better instantly, even if the feeling is fleeting since you have to go back to work.

5. Keep those shoes shined! I don’t care if you have a lovely suit on. If your shoes are dull and scuffed, people will notice. If the heels are worn down, it’s time for a new pair, or take them to a shoe repair shop if the rest of the shoe is still in good condition.

6. Eyebrows. The natural look is in, thankfully. Coco is a big believer in looking natural rather than contrived. But, just because the natural look is in doesn’t mean you should let them get out of control. Invest in a good pair of tweezers, and just pluck whatever seems unruly or out of place. This goes for men too. Men should own a sharp pair of grooming scissors, used for this purpose only, and trim whatever is too long. Just don’t go overboard. Less is more when it comes to eyebrows.

7. Scents. Whether it is for the home or for your body, pick out a scent that pleases you, and use it. Citrus scents can be invigorating, and others, like lavender and jasmine, can be relaxing. Buy candles, lotion, body scrubs, and perfumes in your favorite scents. The smell will bring a smile to your face, or relax your cares away.

8. Recreation. It costs nothing to put your shoes on, and take a stroll around the neighborhood. If you are walking at night, wear light colored clothing, or invest in a reflective walking/running vest. Even though the vest is rather ugly, it is better to be safe than dead. If you have time during the day, take some bread, and go to a local duck pond. Centennial Park in Nashville has a lovely pond, with happy fat ducks in residence. You will have a good time!

Sometimes well-being can be in the details. Start small, and you will have better quality of life!


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