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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Luxury of Time

As you know, Coco loves luxury, and luxury can take on many forms. Time is a luxury, and something that people don't appreciate enough.

So here's a typical day for Coco:

6:00 Wake up, throw on workout gear, and take a walk.
6:45 Shower and dress for work.
7:30 Breakfast and tidy up kitchen.
8:30 - 5:30 Work in cubicle. Boo.
6:00 Arrive home. Pet cats and scrunch husband's shoulders.
6:45 Prepare and eat dinner.
8:00 Dishes and tidy up kitchen.
8:30 T.V. and/or whatever craft I'm working on.
10:00 Read in bed.
11:00 Lights out!

So what fills your day? Do you roll out of bed at the latest possible time and hurry to work, and then hurry home just to watch T.V.? Lame. An average person needs 7-8 hours of sleep. If you have a good diet, and exercise, that amount of sleep should leave you feeling rested and refreshed. I know that most people are allergic to getting up early, but that time is important to me. It is my alone time. When I walk, there is little humidity, the sun is not beating on my head, and there are bunnies to be seen. I'm able to do some great thinking. I suggest that you do what I did above. Take inventory of your time. See where you can improve. If you find that the majority of your night hours are taken up by sitting in front of the T.V., there is room for improvement friend!

Think about what might be said about you when you are no longer of this earth. Would you like people to sum up your life by saying "Oh....she sure loved her game shows! She would watch them for hours on end." or would you rather hear "She had such a passion for life." The decision is yours. It is never too late to do something different and fabulous for yourself. That change can be little at first, but it can lead to big opportunities!


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