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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Coco's Makeup Tips

Coco is a big believer in owning what you already are. Beauty radiates from inside. If you have a good heart and a positive outlook, that will show externally. No amount of makeup can create a smile on your face, or sparkle in your eyes.

I understand the importance of makeup, but I also believe that makeup is meant to enhance, not create a false image of what you would like to be. If it looks like you are wearing makeup, you are wearing too much makeup. I do not care if green metallic eyeshadow happens to be in vogue, it is just wrong, wrong, wrong. If you are going out dancing or something, it is fine to have some fun with your makeup, but I have seen people wearing false eyelashes, raccoon eye liner, and metallic unnatural shades on their eyelids during the day. Scary.

So let's focus on makeup. Let's start with some basics.

1. When applying makeup, try to find a source of natural light. You will better be able to see exactly what you are doing and make sure everything is blended properly.

2. There is nothing worse than a foundation demarcation line on your chin. Blend blend blend! This also goes for eye shadow and blush. No harsh lines anywhere. Think soft.

3. Light application is best. Do not use a trowel to apply foundation. It makes me sad when I see a pretty girl that has way too much foundation on her skin. Your skin cannot breathe with that much goo on your face. If you feel that you need a bit more color, you can then apply more, but just be sure that it is not too much.

4. Do not use the crappy little blush brush that is provided. Buy a nice big fluffy brush. That will ensure that your blush will go on with little if any streaking.

This is what I use:

1. Foundation: I love Aveda foundation. It might seem expensive, but it goes a long way, is very light on your skin, and has SPF. I use the lightest shade since I am of a fair complexion.

2. Blush. I use Neutrogena Sheer Highlighting Blush. Again, it is sheer and light, and gives you a healthy glow. Plus, aren't the boxes of color just too cute?

3. Eyes. I don't like to use eyeliner for the day, but if you do, please do not use some strange color. Brown, black or dark green are suitable depending on your skin and eye color. I have hazel eyes, so browns and pinks work best for me. I am currently using Almay intense i-color for hazels. It goes on very smoothly and blends with little effort. I finish my eyes with a classic. Great Lash Mascara.

4. Lips. My favorite lipstick right now is Aveda's Lip Color Concentrate in Shizandra. It looks and feels fabulous. It has peppermint as an additive, which feels very cool.

So remember, less is more, natural look is best, and smile!


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