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"How many cares one loses when one decides not to be something but to be someone." Coco Chanel

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

So How Do You Coco?

Perhaps you are wondering why I would choose the nickname Coco. There are many reasons.

Read about Coco. Coco came from poverty, and made herself into something fabulous on her own terms. How wonderful is that? How many can say that?

She scoffed at the trends of the day and made her own style, based on what would be best suited for her frame and lifestyle. Although I do not agree with the practice of sunbathing, she was the person responsible for making the appearance of tan skin fashionable.

She was smart as a whip, extremely quotable, and intelligent. There is nothing more boring that a woman that can only hold conversations on a limited number of topics.

So how can you Coco?

1. Don’t ever settle. Life is too short to think that you have reached a glass ceiling. Break through that ceiling, or find a path around it. If you are bored to distraction in your present line of work, it’s time to rethink your goals, and change them. There is nothing more exciting than knowing that anything is possible.

2. Examine yourself. Do you have an attractive style? I don’t care what size you are – that does not matter. There is stylish….not trendy….clothing out there for you. There are hair stylists that can change your coiffure, and beauticians in department stores that can give you different makeup ideas (even though they will try to sell you the moon). You do not have to emulate anyone. Make your style your own, but please make it classy. Coco once said “Dress shabbily they notice the dress, dress impeccably they notice the woman.” Word Coco.

3. Take every opportunity to learn. Intelligence is power. Intelligence creates confidence. Get or use a library card. Read fiction and non-fiction. Volunteer in your community. You will learn valuable communication skills.

Here's a true personal story. Before the Frist Center for the Visual Arts opened, I learned that they were in need of docents. Basically, a docent is a tour guide/teacher, that takes patrons on a tour, and engages them in conversation about the exhibition. I didn’t know anything about art history, but I knew that they did not require that, and I would be taught everything. What a fantastic opportunity. Yes, it was scary. I was doing something completely out of my comfort zone. I loved every single minute of it. Talking in front of groups (sometimes as big as 100 people) gave me poise and confidence. I also learned an extreme amount of art history and art analysis. I gained greater understanding for art that I used to consider uninteresting. I was a docent for two years. I would probably still be there, but I became president of a professional organization, and did not have the time to do both.

Without the communication skills from my docent training, I would not have had the confidence and poise necessary for my presidential stint. Now, I am considering taking Coco on a tour of sorts...perhaps arranging speaking engagements on etiquette, fashion, etc., with a dose of humor thrown in for good measure.

So how are you going to Coco?


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