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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Umbrella Etiquette

The sky was overcast this morning. Right now, it is raining cats and dogs.

My umbrella is in an extremely logical place. In my car. Great.

This brings to mind umbrella etiquette in general. I present the following observations and tips for your entertainment.

1. The sidewalks of downtown Nashville are not wide. Yet people still insist on using those huge golf umbrellas. If you are not made of silk, and don't go by the title of Wicked Witch of the West, such a huge umbrella is unnecessary and a hindrance to others on the sidewalk. Scale that umbrella down please. You look like a fool that is scared of rain.

2. Have fun with color! Everyone and their brother has a black umbrella. Granted, it is the classic, but ever so boring.

3. Invest in an umbrella of good construction. It does not have to be Burberry, but it should have a durable infrastructure so it does not turn out in a strong wind. Plus, if you spend $$ on an umbrella, you'll probably be less likely to leave it in a restaurant or movie theater.

Notice I made no mention of leaving it in the car. Yep. I am going to get soaked.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Coco, you forgot to mention, when you walk down the streets of Nashville with your umbrella, don't poke my eye out! And share "air space" with others walking down the street with their umbrella.

Best regards,

2:18 PM  

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