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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Coco Knows! Answer to Question from Sarah

Dear reader Sarah posed the following question:

My budget is fairly limited and I have a wardrobe full of the
basics, but I would like a few new things for fall. What do you suggest for
the working woman that did leggings in the 80's?

Do you still have those leggings perchance? If you loved that look back then, you'll be happy to know that leggings are back in vogue. For a fun casual look, wear those leggings with a fun denim mini skirt and a pair of ballet flats.

Since you stated that you have the basics, I would focus on accessories. I am a big believer in scarves. Stein Mart is a great source for scarves and accessories of all sorts, and they always have some sort of sale going on. Also invest in some fun chunky bangles and perhaps some accessories that are festooned with fun charms (bracelets, necklaces). Charms are hot right now, but don't overdo them. If you are wearing charms on a necklace, I'd say limit yourself to two or three max.

Regarding spritzing up your basic wardrobe with some hip seasonal items, I would again recommend Stein Mart or Target. Target has some great brands. Paul + Joe is the newest collection they carry, the clothing has great modern lines but are still classy. They have everything from casual to work attire.

Another great bonus, as you know, is that these stores are not far at all from your location! Stein Mart is on Franklin Pike in Brentwood in the Kroger Shopping Center, and Target is right across the street from you.

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