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Friday, October 06, 2006

Coco Knows! Answer to Question from Rachel

Greetings gentle readers. I apologize for my lack of entries....I managed to get another head cold, and the sinus medicine makes my feel loopy!

I received the following e-mail from dear reader Rachel:

I have a slight, but obvious problem. I am 95% sure that I am allergic to make-up, or at least foundation. This causes a problem because as a teen, I had a bad case of acne and now have major scaring on my face. I don't think that you have to wear make-up to make you who you are, or even to be beautiful. I've tried all kinds. Oil based, non-oil based, natural types...everything! And they all, after a few short hours (I can't even make it a full work day) - my face breaks out and hurts.

But being a recent college grad, I'm looking for jobs and don't feel professional without make-up. By any chance, is there anything I'm missing? A certain makeup? Maybe a cream to put on as a block between the face and the foundation? Anything at all?

Check your makeup's ingredients. Don't believe a product because it claims to be "natural." Does it contain lanolin? I too have sensitive skin, and if I use a product on my skin that contains lanolin, I have an allergic reaction. Lanolin is bad stuff people. Don't use it. Basically, you are putting animal fat on your face.

Say it with me people ... ick.

Makeup companies like to use this ingredient because it is cheap, and your makeup will go on smoothly, but at what consequence? Try to buy make-up that is as natural as possible. Personally, I find that powder-based foundation is more gentle on the skin. As my readers know, I love Aveda's products, and am a big fan of their powder foundation. I have been told that Bare Minerals is also a great product.

Rachel, you also mentioned that you have tried products with oil in them. If that oil was mineral oil, that is also bad stuff. Mineral oil is a petroleum product. It is a cheap ingredient, and the user thinks their skin feels baby soft. Wrong wrong wrong. It actually closes off the pours, and moisture cannot get through. It suffocates the skin. Avoid lotions or potions with mineral oil as an ingredient. Again, look for oils that are plant derivatives instead.

If you skin does not improve, I would recommend seeing a dermatologist. Perhaps the dermatologist can prescribe something to soothe or protect your skin. Best of luck!

Dear readers, feel free to e-mail me anytime with your questions!


Anonymous Muffy said...

I agree - dermatologist to determine what causes break outs, then trying natural stuff.

Bare Escentuals/Minerals is what I use and it's helped tremendously because I have sensitive skin.

Now if I could just find a good dermatologist!!

3:26 PM  

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