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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Go Ahead People...Be Naughty

That's right. Dear Husband received the Williamsburg Marketplace catalog last night, and as I perused through it this morning during breakfast, I found this Santa:

In the picture on the web it is not clear, but in print form you can see all of the kids that are getting presents this year, and they all either have yuppie names, or names that they will be beaten up for having. Kids named Charla, Florence, Koell (WTF?), Grant, Price, Lilly, Bart, Connor, Logan, Kennedy and Nathan are among the lucky receipients of gifts this holiday season. So, if you have a normal name feel free to be absolutely bad, you aren't getting squat - make the most of having this knowledge.

I personally am going to begin running with scissors, cutting the tags off of my mattresses, and adopt a generally selfish and uncaring Scrooge-like persona.

Screw you and your uppity list Santa.


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