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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

They Didn't Even Give Me A Cool Band-Aid

Coco went to the firm-sponsored Health Fair today. I don't know why they call it a fair. There are no balloons, carnies or funnel cakes anywhere in sight - just medical personnel that told me my height, weight, BMI (shoot me now), and performed other tests. In all fairness, they should really call it a Health Gauntlet of Pain and Shame.

I don't like needles y'all. I hate them, but I've gotten much better about them over time. I remember as a child, my pediatrician's nurse would pin me down with her body on top of mine, with only my arm exposed for the doctor's use. At least they always gave me a really cool band-aid, festooned with animals, flowers or something fun.

So today they took my blood for a CBC panel, and in exchange for that vial I got a cotton ball and white tape. Um yeah that's a fair trade. Thanks ever so much mean medical person.

Then I got the flu shot. I did not like that one. I could feel the goo going into my arm. She then put a band-aid on the puncture. After being pricked twice, I was feeling feisty. I asked her if she had a cool band-aid. She said she did not, but then proceeded to draw a happy face on my skin-colored band-aid.

Dang right.....Coco demands cool band-aids.


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