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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Why I Hate Wal-Mart

I'm not going to wax eloquent on the economics, or how Wal-Mart is hurting the Mom & Pop businesses out there....my reasons for hatred are more superficial than that.

1. The lighting. It is so very hideous. I know that most large shops use fluorescent lighting, but the combination of the mostly white decor and then the awful lighting makes for a very depressing shopping experience.

2. The layout. Why oh why does the pet stuff have to be so far away from the food stuff? They should be close to each other. Are they saying that pet food does not count as food? That's segregation, and pet discrimination. I just cannot stand for that. My cats deserve better treatment.

3. The customers. For the most part, I have observed the customers to be sullen in appearance (probably because of the awful lighting). Don't the execs higher up on the Wal-Mart food chain want to see happy Wal-Mart customers? Perhaps they should give everyone a can of Diet Coke or a sippie cup of wine upon entry. Caffiene and alcohol makes people happy.

4. The kids. I can always count on a child screaming at banshee-like levels during my shopping experience. I cannot wait until someone invents children's chewable Demerol. Bonus points to WalMart if said children's chewable soothing narcotic is generic, and sold for $4. That will be a beautiful day.


Anonymous Kate O' said...

What is Coco doing shopping in a Wal-Mart, anyway?

7:19 PM  
Blogger Lynnster said...

I'm with you on the Wal-Mart pet food discrimination. Except that, being someone with a very large number of cats & dogs who consistently has to hit the pet aisle any time I'm in any store - they're almost all sort of in non-convenient places anywhere you go.

5:35 PM  
Blogger Coco said...

Coco shops at Wal-Mart as little as possible, but it is the best place to buy toys for my nephews (I cannot set foot in a toy store - it's just an issue I have), and they have the best selection of my cats' favorite cat food!

9:14 AM  
Blogger Grace the Heart Breaker said...

I LOVE THIS POST! LOVE IT! I have this hatred for WalMart that comes from the same source as yours... not snobbery, just the same reason you hate your pain in the ass mother-in-law. It is not convenient, especially when there are 50 checkout aisles and only 10 are open and there are lines reaching all the way back into the clothing department. Oy! Target is much better cause they keep it smaller-ish. They're building a new "Super" Target near my house... I'm weary of this... WalMart is also a "Super" store. If Target wants to have a bigger name, they should shy away from using Super, should people start confusing the two. Perhaps they should name it Uber-Target...

3:39 PM  

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