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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

No Soup for You.....Yet

Ever since Dear Husband and I had the head cold sickness, I have been thinking about the perfect soup.

Do you know what cappelletti is friends? If not please let me introduce you. It is just the most perfect cold weather soup ever concocted.

It is also called tortellini in brodo (duh), and currently I would kill to find good meat tortellini, but said product evades me in Nashville. I have searched all the markets (except for Whole Foods, which just opened), and no one carries good meat tortellini. I do not consider Buitoni's filled pasta to be good.

Now when I lived in New York, there was an excellent frozen meat tortellini that was always to be found in our home freezer. Behold the beautiful tortellini below. I could buy this from a store in New York and get it shipped, but it would be REALLY expensive. The only way I could justify the expense is if the tortellini were dipped in 24 karat gold.

Oh to be in New York with an empty cooler. I would clean them out for serious. When I win the powerball, I shall charter a jet to New York, buy tortellini and bring it back here. No I am not sharing with you - this is my stash! Wait - what am I thinking? I'll just fly to the Emiglia Romagna region of Italy and visit all the women in the towns that will make it around Christmas time. My feet are firmly planted in the dirt that is reality....yep.

So, if I cannot find said tortellini, I will have to make it. I have never made pasta, much less a filled pasta, but I am obsessed, and hungry, and I want my soup already dammit.


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