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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hepped Up on Goofballs or something

Y'all I feel crazy.....like Britney Spears tied up in a sack with a pound of chicken-fried bacon crazy. I feel like I could type 100 words a minute straight out of my brain. Of course it would not be readable to anyone that did not understand gibberish, but it would be characters on a page.

I took a short lunch because I could not stand the thought of sitting quietly at my desk, reading a book, which is what I usually do at lunch. After eating, I went straight back to work, and did my filing.

You must understand something about me and filing. Filing is never done unless it is absolutely necessary - mostly so that I do not injure myself or others. Filing is done when the pile reaches an unholy and architecturally unsound height (bonus if said filing forms a meniscus).

Y'all I took a short lunch to do filing. Unheard of. Why did I do this?

I had a Diet Coke. I feel like I am hepped up on goofballs (you are super awesome if you get my reference by the way). I have been sans all forms of caffeine for well over a month. No tea, coffee, chocolate, carbonated drinks.....nothing.

But I really neeeeeeeded it today. I barely slept last night and my lunch was extremely lackluster, so I cracked one open.

Damn it was some sweet nectar, but yeah I feel like a crazy woman.....and therefore I blog.


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