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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Letter that Won't Be Read

Dear Creepy Sketchy Dewd that Likes to Ambush:

Oh hi hello. I'm the person that parks in the garage on the alley. The only way to get to my office is to use said alley, and I understand that you live there, and you have the right to talk to whomever you want, and go wherever you please. I'm cool with that - really.

That doesn't mean that I have to talk to you Creepy Sketchy Dewd.

You and I both know there are plenty of nooks and crannies where a person can hide, and wait in loquatious ambush for some unsuspecting soul. I remember that one time I turned the blind corner, and you were there and tried to engage me in conversation....which was all one sided on your part, and I got the honk away as soon as I can. No, I didn't really want to hear about the blow-up doll that your sketchy friends got you for your birthday. Did I mention that you are just plain creepy?

I don't know your situation, just as you don't know mine. I do not know how you will react if I tell you to back the frack off, since you live there and I have to pass by you when you are lurking about. So, I shall employ my sketch-warding off tactic, which is to pretend that I am engaged in conversation on the phone, and therefore you will have no opportunity to engage me in conversation.


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