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Friday, October 26, 2007

The Promise of a Pretty Weekend

Dear Husband and I have a wedding to shoot in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I have been to Gatlinburg once, and although the company I was with was wonderful, I found that Gatlinburg itself was wayyyyy to touristy for my taste. So, when I heard that we were shooting a wedding out there in a chapel, I honestly did not know what to expect. I wasn't sure if said chapel was going to be some tragic redneck take on a Las Vegas chapel, but I was pleasantly surprised when Dear Husband forwarded me pictures of the venue.

Sorry that the image is so small, but it was the only one I could paste onto my entry. Seriously y'all, trust me when I say it could not be cuter if it was stacked to the rafters with kittens and puppies.

We are staying in a big cabin a short distance from the cabin with friends, the leaves are just starting to turn, the weather should be perfect, and Dear Husband is driving The Hott Car out there.

Did I ever tell you just how fabulous I look in this car? I already have a great pair of sunglasses, so now all I need is a gorgeous scarf (oh Hermes you will be mine some day) and I will look chic a la Grace Kelly (except with brown hair). On Sunday, we will tour the winding roads, including some of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The promise of a pretty weekend.


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