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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Say hello to my little frennnnn

I have had a head cold this week. I am on a particularly FABULOUS decongestant right now, and although it gives me relief I do feel rather lightheaded and loopy.

It seems that I have a new cubicle-mate. She is a purple monkey. At first she said her name was oooOOOOeeeeEEEEaaaahhhAAAAHHH, but then I took another swig of my decongestant elixr and am now able to understand the monkey language. Her name is Eugenia, apparently I am the only one that is able to see her and hear her.

This place bores me, perhaps you should burn it.

Eugenia, normal people that like to get paychecks every two weeks to not burn their place of employment down.

But you are always complaining that it is too cold in your cubicle. A nice fire would warm things up.

Um no Eugenia, that is why I have a space heater.

Lemme check the wiring on that - it would be a shame if there was some spark that burnt this place down.

EUGENIA DON'T MAKE ME GET OUT THE SPRAY BOTTLE! Gosh, who knew invisible purple monkey assistants could be so difficult.

::I shall fling poo at her later for her insolence.::


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