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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sunsilk is so fab

Oh the wars us ladies fight against our hair. We color it, straighten it, curl it, contort it into all sorts of fanciful designs, and then wonder why it has the texture of straw. I have found an affordable weapon against the damage we do to our tresses.

I recently got free samples from Sunsilk, from their "Straighten Up" collection. If you are not sure which product would best suit your hair, you can take a quiz and they will send you samples and coupons.

My hair is thick, long and wavy. During the work week, I usually put it back in a ponytail or up in a modified french twist. Today I am at work, and actually wearing my hair down, because it looks just that great. Also, the product smells really fresh and wonderful, but not like you have been hosed in scent.

Y'all know that I do not endorse products that I do not believe in, but this stuff is fab. Go get some!


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