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Monday, September 24, 2007

Wedding observations

Dear Husband mostly photographs weddings. I present the following observations from recent weddings that we have shot:

1. Show up at your rehearsal on time. Dear Husband and I were at a recent rehearsal for the 5:30 start. The bride did not show up until an hour later, with no apologies given to the pastor, or anyone else patiently waiting. The groom showed up an hour and a half late, and was intoxicated to boot. I have never seen such disrespect for a wedding ceremony, the pastor, and most especially his bride. It was shocking.

2. Instead of the traditional guest book, which will get stuck in a box somewhere in a forgotten corner of your closet, consider having guests sign smooth river stones with a permanent marker. One recent wedding we shot in Virginia did this, and intended on placing the signed stones around a tree in their yard. If you choose not to expose the rocks to the elements, you could always arrange them in a pretty bowl as a fun decorative element in your house.

3. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, don't you dare boo-hoo about the weather. Summer outdoor weddings in Tennessee, or anywhere for that matter unless you live up near Canada, are going to be ass-hot. Brides - take this into consideration when you choose your dress. That princess dress with yards of Italian satin and layers of tulle may be super pretty, but it is also super heavy, and you will sweat. Think light, airy, and perhaps something made of silk. I feel particulary sorry for grooms and groomsmen at these events. Most often, they are in black rental tuxes, made out of a tragic non-breathable material with the woefully painful black rental shoes. At a recent east-coast wedding, set at a yacht club, the men had lightweight linen suits on, with light blue shirts, and (I think) tan or light brown shoes. They looked classy and were comfortable, and it showed in the pictures.

4. Favors can be expensive. Instead of chocolates, candles or those impossibly inedible jordan almonds, consider a donation to a favorite charity. At a wedding two weeks ago, the couple had pink rubber bracelets at each place setting with a tasteful card, saying that in lieu of favors, the couple had made a donation to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer fund. It thought that was a wonderful idea.

We have shot well over 2,000 weddings, and I have a ton of stories and tips, but those are the ones that stick out in my brain the most. :-)


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