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Friday, January 25, 2008

Bad bad Coco

Coco has been in a bit of a slump y'all. My most humble apologies for not posting more frequently. I guess my mood can be summed up with the following word:


I'm just been sorta bored with everything recently. I don't know what's going on inside of me folks. I did something I swore I would never do last weekend.

I organized my closet and the overflow closet. Yep that's right, the most dreaded chore in my world was done last week. I tossed everything that was tired, worn out, or just plain tragic. All clothing items that I thought someone would like (that I would not be caught dead in) were boxed up for charity. There were already some things still in boxes, and I went through them. I found all of my gorgeous tailored suits that are two sizes too small. So, now that the overflow closet was purged of items I wanted to forget about, I put those suits on hangers, placed them in the overflow closet, and now have a purpose.

By golly I'm gonna fit into those suits. They will move into my main closet once I look great in them. Mine is a realistic goal. Two sizes is not a trip to the moon. I just need to get my posterior in gear. Since I am a total weiner when it comes to cold weather, the dreadmill is being converted from its present use as my husband's clothing hanger, and I have also bought a yoga DVD. I did it the other night, and it was great. The next day I felt muscles that thought I had forgotten about them. Oh hi hello muscles - long time no feel.

My wonderful place of employment's benefit package includes an annual physical, so I have made an appointment with a general practitioner that has been highly recommended. I haven't had a physical in forever, so this is an extremely good thing for me to do.

Y'all I'm just trying to get my shit together.

This weekend, in the spirit of trying to get my shit together, Saturday will be spent doing more organizing. I have boxes filled with random papers in my closet and bedstand. Said papers will be gone through. I will not be idle in front of TV on Saturday, but tonight I will be.

Tonight I will prepare a lovely salmon dinner, with a green veggie to torture Dear Husband and a starch that he will probably eat too much of, with wine. We will watch a strange French movie that Dear Husband put in my Netflix queue, and relax. Saturday night we have been invited to a party (FUN!), and then Sunday we will go to church.

I know this was random and long, but it was fun for me to type. So there.


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