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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Scooter and the Tree

Here we see Scooter, perched on the sofa by the tree. Usually she has her body turned around, so that she can see the tree, and all the shiny things that she would like to claim as her own. She did snag some silver beads, and promptly hid them under the tree skirt for future playtime. Although it is a lot of work, I really do dig how my tree turns out. It is filled with ornaments I love, whether they are vintage glass from my parents, or new ones that Dear Husband and I have collected on our travels. The room always feels so nekkid when I have to take the tree down, so I will enjoy the prettyness whilst I can.

In other news I have caught a sniffle.....again. I'm really getting tired of all these cooties. I don't understand it y'all. I take my vitamins, drink water like a fish, eat my veggies and fruits, and still I get sick. So unfair. Since my head is all clogged up, I am rocking the decongestant. We shall see if Eugenia decides to pay me a visit.


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