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Friday, December 21, 2007

The Cookie is Wise

Yesterday we had the office Christmas luncheon. We had P.F. Chang's to celebrate the merry time. It was delish, and a wonderful break from the usual meat-heavy holiday fare that is consumed this time of year.

So, of course, there were fortune cookies. Mine said "Your creativity takes you to great heights." Y'all the cookie is so very wise, for it has already come true. As my readers know, my dear friend owns a shop in Asheville. Asheville is in the mountains of North Carolina, so that makes Asheville "high." (Okay so there is also talk that marijuana grows wild in some surrounding areas, but I am getting off track.) She put my paintings out today, and two sold in the first hour! I cannot tell you how happy this news made me, and even now I feel giddy. Up to this time, all of my paintings were commissioned, or I made them to give as gifts to special friends. It is a great and strange feeling to know that my paintings are being enjoyed by people that I haven't met. I hope they love them as much as I loved creating them.

Now if the dang cookie will tell me the right numbers for the Powerball drawing, I will be golden.


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