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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Fuhgeddabout Snakes On A Plane

Children on a plane can be much worse. According to this article, a family was ejected from a flight because their child was, well, being a child.

Now I do not have children, and I give snaps to those of you that have to travel with children. Children get tired. Children do not understand that they have to remain seated, and belted for extended periods of time. They kick the back of my chair, which could result in spirited beverage spillage. They don't understand the uncomfortable pressure in their ears, and then they cry that banshee-like shrill that only children (and banshees I suppose) can produce.

Air Tran was fully in its right to remove the family from the flight. They have a business to run, and a responsibility to ensure safety and control during the flight. Air Tran reimbursed the family for the cost of their tickets, which I think was above and beyond what they should have done. The family said they will never fly Air Tran. Fine. I will.

Can't some genius invent children's chewable Demerol already?


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