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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Coco Recommends - Eye Cream & Moisturizer

Yes.....it is true. I am back. I know I have been a very bad bloggoddess. When it comes to hobbies, and I consider my blog to be one of them, I am very cyclical. Recently I have been in a knitting sorta mood, so other pursuits have gone on the back burner.

Very sorry gentle readers.

Anyhoo, here I am, and for good reason. If you have been a previous reader of my blog, you know that I believe moisturizing is very important, even for guys. Y'all no one wants to shake hands with you if you offer a red, dry, scaly hand in salutation. That's just icky.

So in a recent issue of Glamour magazine, there was a sample of Clinique's new product, All About Eyes. I applied said sample during my evening regimen. I woke up the next day and was absolutely amazed at the results, just after one use. My lines were barely visible.....the lines that I had been religiously applying Kiehl's Avocado Eye Treatment to for months and months with no significant change. I am now a convert. It is just a couple dollars more than the Kiehl's, but it is so so worth it. I can't wait to get more of this stuff, and am considering changing my skin regimen over to Clinique, rather than my usual Aveda products.

So back to the guys. I know that some of you think that if you wash your face in Dial or Ivory soap you are done.

Yeah the correct answer to that is no. Please go to your favorite drug or grocery store and pick up a bottle of Cetaphil lotion. It does not look girly, it does not smell girly, no one will think you grew a pair of ovaries simply by holding the bottle in the checkout line. It is recommended like crazy by dermatologists, and you can use it on your face and hands. You will look better, and by golly your skin will feel better.

Coco is back!


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