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Friday, March 16, 2007

A Yarn about Yarn

So Coco has been knitting of recent.

A few months ago, I had some of the lady friends over to drink wine and learn how to knit. Since they were newbies to knitting, I told them to go to Michaels or wherever, and get 8 ounces of a cheapish yarn. You know....like less than $5.

So one of my faboo friends shows up with two gorgeous skeins of Alpaca yarn, at $13 a pop. I gotta tell you guys. This yarn was the softest, sexiest yarn I have ever touched. It felt like cashmere. I wanted to bonk her on the head with my knitting needles and run away into the night with her soft, soft yarn.

But I did not, anyway she is too awesome a person to want to bonk on the head.

So I figured that the yarn had not been touched since our knitting party, which turned into a drinking wine party and laughing about how my friends could not even cast on. I recently called my friend, and told her I would be happy to knit a scarf for her, because to let that yarn languish in an uncompleted project pile somewhere would be a sin.

Muahahhahahhah I now have the yarn, and it is the most luxurious feeling stuff I have ever worked with. I didn't know much about Alpaca, so I researched it. Turns out the yarn comes from the cute animal:

Another little known fact, courtesy of Wikipedia, is that the Alpaca's wool is lighter in weight and warmer than sheep's wool. A huge bonus to choosing Alpaca wool is the fact that the wool does not contain lanolin, which basically makes the wool hypo-allergenic. Very important for all of you allergy suffers, and the wool is not scratchy at all.

My friend also picked out an absolutely lovely color too....a deep chocolate brown. She may have to fight me to get this project back! But, I shall give it to her when I am done. I love giving my friends things I have made, and it is better to give than to receive.


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