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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Luciano e morto

Yes. Luciano has passed. I cannot begin to tell you how much his music is and was in my life. As a child, I clearly remember waking up to the smell on a weekend morning of garlic, onions, olive oil and other lovely spices simmering in a pot. That's what a weekend morning smells like in my childhood memories. My father would add tomatoes to that potion, and the huge pot of tomato sauce would slowly simmer on the stove all day on a Saturday, with a loaf of bread on the counter beside it. We would occasionally take a chunk of bread, dip it in the sauce, and enjoy. Eventually, that sauce would make it onto some pasta, or perhaps chicken parmesan, and Luciano's music would be playing in the background.

Or, whenever we would go to my Aunt Flavia's house (my father's sister), she would be playing Italian folk music, and there would invariably be some Luciano selections in there for good measure. We would sit around her huge dining room table in Queens, New York, the adults would be merry with wine, and it was just fun.

Yes....I know that lots of people are familiar with the older Pavarotti because of the popularity of the Three Tenors. But, if that is all you know of his voice, I encourage you to go to the library, or to your local music store, and get a CD of his earlier work. One of my favorite works of his is "Ah! Mes amis" from Donizetti's La Fille du Regiment. He is able to hit these high C's in close repitition. Absolutely beautiful, no cracking, effortless. Nessun Dorma is another favorite....oh and Una Furtiva Lagrima. Oh man....there are just too many. Start listening please.

Although he has mortally passed, his music will live on forever. Reposarsi nella pace Luciano.


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