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Monday, February 18, 2008

Coco's Quest for Things

Good news on the band-aid front. During my lunch break today, I strolled over to the drug store and, after carefully looking over the band-aid selection, decided on a box of crayon band-aids.
The store had Dora the Explorer, Spiderman and other characters placed at child's eye-level so that they could cry and stomp until their parents bought them, but I could really give a honk about having them adhered to my body. Crayons are awesome, and I shall keep a couple in my purse when I have the need, and you'd better believe when I next go to the doctor, I shall demand that they use one of these Coco-sanctioned bandages if they take my blood.

This weekend went extremely well. Dear Husband shot a figure skating competition, and I manned the sales/computer downloading/customer service end of our operation. We were at the skating rink at 6 o-frigging clock in the morning on Saturday, and our day ended at 7 p.m. Although it was a long day, it went extremely fast because our table was hopping. We've done this gig for a few years now, and I was so happy that all the feedback we received about our service was goodness. Everyone loved the quality of Dear Husband's pictures, and our turnaround time on delivery is usually a week. All in all the weekend was a great success.

Our next skating gig is in early March in Chicago. We did this competition last year, and we did great so I'm sure this will be even better since the competiton has been extended from two to three days.

Dear Husband always wears his Zamboni hockey sweater to the competitions, because let's face it everyone thinks the Zamboni is rad, and everyone would like to drive one (myself included). So, since Dear Husband has awesome ice-themed attire, I decided that Coco deserved something fabulous. I performed all sorts of google searches for cool girl hockey jerseys, and what I turned up was disappointing to the max.

I mean c'mon. Why must women be banished to a land of pink and white? I cannot tell you how much this bores me. Coco does not approve. Therefore, I have decided that Dear Husband and I will do something I thought I would never do.

We will be matchy-matchy. It makes business sense, because since he is out on the ice, and I am behind the booth, the customers will realize that we are together, and plus I really dig the colors, and dammit girls can want to drive a Zamboni too. I bet it will look really boss with my tiara.


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