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Friday, February 22, 2008

Two Weeks

It has been two weeks since I've started taking medicine for hypothyroidism, and I must say that I'm feeling pretty darn good. My energy level has improved, my overall mood seems to be much more even, and Mr. Scale says that I have lost 4 pounds. My clothes have told me this too, because they feel ever so slightly looser.

yayayayyayayyayayya. It's not gonna be long before I can wear my pretty pretty suits again.

I go back to the doctor in early March, at which time he will probably up the dosage. If the tech takes my blood, I'm gonna make her use one of my new cool bandaids for sho.

Y'all - I cannot stress enough how thankful I am for going to the doctor. It was silly that I waited so long, because I did not realize how awful I felt until I finally didn't feel awful. If you feel out of sorts, lethargic, can't lose weight for anything, tell your doctor and get your blood tested. Life is too short not to feel good.


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