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Monday, July 02, 2007

Coco Does Domestic

Dear Husband pinched a nerve in his back earlier last week, so he spent Saturday convalescing. This is very unusual for him, since he usually works 14 hours a day. Thankfully we did not have a wedding this weekend, so even though he was feeling poorly, I am glad that he was at least resting.

Coco was very domestic this weekend. No, I did not wrestle with the weeds, because there was so much that needed to be done in the house (yep I will use any excuse I can).

So what did Coco do?

Coco did lots of laundry, dear husband was on the verge of going commando if I did not do some, and the hamper at a very unstable meniscus, so it was just time.

Then I did the grocery shopping (yeah I hate going grocery shopping too). Since it was a Saturday, and I was not rushing through the market one night after work, I took my time, got some great deals and now our pantry, fridge and fruit blows are well stocked. That evening I cooked a lovely pork tenderloin with couscous and green beans. I enjoyed the meal with a lovely Pinot Grigio. Since dear husband was on medicine for his back, he had iced tea.

I also painted on my commissioned work, and actually finished it up on Sunday. I think it turned out great, and when I showed to my fellow co-worker/patron, he really liked it and is very excited to bring it home and surprise his wife and little baby girl.

Sunday was spent mostly at church, we had the leftover pork for lunch, and I put away all of my work clothing that had accumulated in a pile for the past week. I have such a bad habit about coming home, kicking off my heels and work attire, and leaving the shoes in a dangerous pointy pile and the clothing on a butler thingy that really must hate me because of how I overburden it.

Anyhoo when I climbed into bed last night, with Dear Husband feeling much improved, knowing that my cupboards were full, my linens were fresh, and my closet was tidy I was well pleased with myself.


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