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Friday, July 06, 2007

The week that was

So yes this was a crazy week, courtesy of Independence Day falling on a Wednesday.

Tuesday felt like Friday night, so I had Friday night sorta fun on that eve. Oh hi hello Merlot!
Then on Independence Day, I went to two parties (awwww yeah no cooking) and then I was sad because Wednesday felt like a Sunday night, and I there was no Saturday sort of a buffer.

Then yesterday and today felt like Monday and Tuesday, but tonight is really Friday, so I am again in the partying mood.

So what would Coco do? Coco and Dear Husband shall dine out tonight at Cabana. I shan't wear my tiara, so I doubt anyone will recognize me. It's a lovely place to go on a balmy Summer night, and we have precious few weekends to ourselves, so there ya go. Dear Husband does not have a wedding to shoot on Saturday, but the next two weekends are crazy, so we shall be sure to have a relaxing, pretty time tonight.

Tomorrow hopefully will feel like a Saturday, but it will feel like a weird Saturday for me because our usual Saturday is a workday, but not this Saturday. I will continue work on a new painting (a hopefully pretty 12x18 abstract sorta landscape), and then Dear Husband and I have been invited to a party on Saturday night. Then Sunday will be church, and hopefully Coco's brain will be back in normal week mode. Fat chance of that happening - the words "Coco" and "normal" are not friends with each other.

I hope I have confused my dear readers - it is good for the creative side of your noggin.


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