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Monday, August 06, 2007

Yes I Know

Shame on me for ignoring you dear blog. It has been entirely too long, but you know I have been busy. The wedding season is going full tilt right now, and in my free time I have been opting to paint rather than write here.

Plus I am super excited about another project going on right now. I have completed my outline for my first novel, and am really pumped about it. The novel combines many loves - early 20th Century history, Nashville, and a bit of humor thrown in for good measure. Although I adore books by Sophie Kinsella and the like, this work is going to be very original. It is not about girls shopping, or their fear of being alone and eventually eaten by a pack of wild dogs. I started writing the actual book this weekend, and boy was it fun. I felt so creatively alive inside - if that makes any sense at all. I really think that if I did not have all of my creative pursuits I would go quite mad, but hey there are tons of wacko artists out there, so perhaps madness would help the creative juices.

So there is my excuse. Keep checking back for updates. I'll be around.


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