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Monday, February 25, 2008

Yay Marion!

Awwww yeah Marion Cotillard won an Oscar for Best Actress in La Vie En Rose. What a truly awesome movie it was. First of all, Edith Piaf was a kickass singer, and if you aren't touched by her music in some way I must deduce that you do not have a soul. La Vie En Rose also won the Oscar for Makeup. Extremely deserved y'all.

This is what Marion Cotillard looks like in real glamazon life:

Aaaaaand this is what she looked like in La Vie En Rose:

Jinkies y'all - methinks they used something a bit stronger than the Maybelline line.

The end of the movie killed - seriously. Edith/Marion performed "Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien," and it haunts me to this day. It was so extremely powerful. The song is, naturally, in French, but even if you don't understand the words you can still understand what she is saying from the emotion conveyed. That is the genius of Edith Piaf my friends.

Listen to the song on You Tube, this particular link is actually from the movie. Here is a translation of the lyrics in English:

No, nothing at all,
I regret nothing at all
Not the good, nor the bad.
It is all the same.
No, nothing at all, I have no regrets about anything.
It is paid, wiped away, forgotten.
I am not concerned with the past, with my memories.
I set fire to my pains and pleasures,I don’t need them anymore.
I have wiped away my loves, and my troubles.
Swept them all away.
I am starting again from zero.

No, nothing at all, I have no regrets
Because from today, my life, my happiness, everything,
Starts with you!

Awesome. Edith Piaf was so badass.


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