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Monday, May 21, 2007

Denim No No for Dudes

Dear Husband shoots a lot of east coast weddings. Yesterday we were driving back from Virginia.

We usually hit fast food whilst driving, because we want to get to our destination as quickly as possible. Well, we decided we would have a sword fight to the death with stale french fries if we had fast food one more time, so we stopped at a Texas Roadhouse in Knoxville. Our food sucked, but it was better than fast food. Anyhoo.....I saw something that I could not stop looking at, even though it was so damaging, you know, like staring at the sun.

One of the male servers had tight tight Wrangler jeans on, and his t-shirt was tucked in, so I saw his JLo bubble butt in all its scary spherical splendor.

Dudes should just not tuck unless they are in dress pants or ...... really anything except for tight jeans. I don't know what he was thinking. It was so wrong, but I could not stop looking at it. I did not see the front view because my look of horror would have been evident. I dunno if he was wearing a codpiece or if his bits and pieces were screaming from suffocation. I felt sorry for his gonads. He was probably a college student, with his reproductive years ahead of him.

Fellas, please don't be this guy. If your jeans are cowboy tight, you should be wearing boots and one of those western button down shirts like Tim McGraw. Tucked denim with a t-shirt and sneakers is just scary.


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