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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Workman Executed

The big news in Nashville today is that Phillip Workman was executed last night. I am not going to go in to the particulars of the case, and I am not going to passionately try to change someone's mind to think the way I do. Sure, there are tons of bloggers that will do that. I just feel the need to say what I feel about this matter.

I do not believe in the death penalty. I do not believe that killing a guilty person, even though a crime may be heinous, will make up for that crime. I think it is more of a punishment to let that perpetrator serve his or her sentence in prison, and have all the time in his or her life to think about what they have done in a confined, locked space.

Phillip Workman is now dead. We will never know exactly what happened, no matter how many people argue back and forth about the case. His last words were “I commend my spirit into your hands Lord Jesus Christ.” It's between him and God now.


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