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Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Joy of Soy

I love getting free stuff, and last night, upon my return home, there was a box with free product in it.

The box contained three SOYJOY snack bars (granolaheads can go to the website to read up on the nutrition particulars). One was apple walnut, the other raisin almond and yet another was mango coconut. I signed up for this promotion based on a commercial. In the commercial, they stated they would send three, and I was supposed to enjoy one and share the other two with my friends. This will not be hard for me to do because:

1. The raisin almond one has the word "raisin" in it. Even though many people enjoy raisins, Coco believes raisins are the devil's candy.

2. The mango coconut one has the word "coconut" in it. Coco does not dig the coconut. I don't even buy shampoo that smells like coconut. Not only do I dislike the smell, but I cannot stand the chewy texture of coconut.

So me being the faboo friend that I am, and a genuinely sharing soul that would not want to be in violation of a contract, I shall send the other two to people that do not have my super picky tastebuds.

I must say that the apple walnut one was super nummy nums. It was full of apple goodness and was tasty. I would so buy this again. I am a generally a big fan of soy products. I love serving shelled soybeans as a veggie for dinner, and I frequently consume light chocolate silk because I have never liked real milk (not even when I was a kid). Yes, yes, I know that my consumption of soy is in direct contradiction to my post of a couple days ago entitled "Fear the Fish - Love the Lard", but Coco is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Deal with it.

They have a fourth flavor, that their promotional material says is full of "wolfberries." I did not know that mammals produced berries, and have never really been a fan of game meat, but whatevs I guess it is a good form of protein. Heh I kid......I kid. Wolfberries are also known as goji berries, and are supposed to be tart like cranberries - not wolf flavored at all.


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