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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Don't Skimp

I'm all about being a good steward of assets, and I love a good deal - especially if I'm on a T.J. Maxx safari or something of the like, but there are certain things that a person should NEVER skimp on. I present the following list to you in no particular order.

1. Toilet paper. Don't ever buy the cheap stuff. You have one ass - be nice to it. Two ply and quilted all the way!

2. Wine. There are some very fine bottles around the $10 range. Find a liquor store that you like, and ask the purveyor for suggestions. They want your return business, and your money, and they will give you good advice. Boxed wines have come a long way, but don't buy that Franzia crap. It is Two Buck Chuck in a box.

3. Cheese. A fine cheese is a beautiful thing, and a little goes a long way in the flavor department. Go to a real cheese shop - they will be happy to give you samples, and whatever quantity may be in your budget. It will be sold to you wrapped in paper so that it can breathe, or if a soft cheese perhaps packed a tub of its liquid. The stuff shrinkwrapped to death and mass sold in the supermarket is so very wrong, and will certainly not be as flavorful as a cheese made with care and sold by a knowledgeable clerk.

4. Moisturizer. I know I have talked about this topic many a time, but it is very important. Your skin is the the body's largest organ. Don't buy ANYTHING with mineral oil or lanolin. Mineral oil suffocates the skin, and lanolin is basically sheep grease. Ick. You can find some very good moisturizers in the stores for not so much money, just avoid those two ingredients.

5. Time. It is a precious commodity, and most people blow tons of it staring at a computer screen, or watching hours upon hours of TV. Unplug. Take a bath, or a walk, or sit around a big table with your wine, cheese and good friends!


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Good job, Coco!! xo Miss Betty

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