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Monday, June 25, 2007

Coco's First Paid Commission

Y'all I am so pumped. I have been commissioned to do a painting for a fellow co-worker. He saw the fairy painting I did (BTW my friend ADORED it), and he asked me to do a painting for his baby daughter's room.

It will be 12x16, and it will feature a frog prince. The baby's name will be flanked by these really cute dragonflies. The baby's room is decorated in this theme, so I was able to sketch out the painting with great ease. I'm giving him a great deal because he is just a generally awesome person, and will probably sink the money into getting more art supplies for future works.

Speaking of future works, I have a dear friend that is considering buying a business where she lives, and if she does buy this business, she said she would like to sell my paintings. They will be small in scale (like 4x6), but she thinks that anything with apples, mountains, bears would sell really well. I already have some ideas....I just need the time!

I cannot tell you how awesome it would be for me to get paid for being creative. It would be a dream come true!


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