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Friday, June 29, 2007

To Weed or Not to Weed

The weekend is upon us. If you have been a faithful reader of my blog (all two of you) you know that Mother Nature and I have a love/hate relationship.

I love that Mother Nature waters my lawn (more in recent days) and my flowers are growing.

But then there is the bad stuff.

1. During one particular watering incident, she made me slip and fall on my booty, and I managed to break one of my favorite red flip-flops.

2. Those darn bugs that she allows to live in my garden beds find me rather delicious.

3. The dang weeds have more defenses than pretty flowers. They always have either thorns, extensive root systems, or are just tough as nails.

So if the weather is fair on Saturday morning, when the front of my house is in full shade, that is where I will be. If it is raining, I shall be indoors, painting my latest commission, listening to my cool French jazz cds.

I think you know what sorta weather I am rooting for.


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