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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Snowy Snow Day

Oh what a pretty sight when I looked out of my window this morning. The kitties were very intrigued by the falling flakes, but not enough to want to get their paws out there.

The roads in my hood were rather clear, and I zipped through the school zone since school is out.

Man to be a kid in the south. Granted, the country ice-covered roads are a good reason to close the schools in wintry weather, but the kids in my hood have it made. For serious they could go to the movies if they have transportation and the inclination. They are not homebound.

Aaaahhhh I remember the snow days of my youth. I grew up in East Meadow, New York, which is extremely similar to the post-WWII suburbia, Levittown. All of the houses were uniform in design (although the siding on each house was different) and were situated on less than a quarter acre. I had tons of neighborhood friends. If we were not tooling around on the sidewalks like a big wheel posse, we were running from lawn to lawn through sprinklers.

And that brings me to winter fun. For school to be called out on account of snow, there needed to be six inches of the white stuff already on the ground. That made for some serious winter fun. Mom would bundle us up in our snow coats and pants, and we would be turned loose on the pristine snow. We made forts, had snowball fights, and made snow angles until we could not feel our extremities.

My dog Sandy also pitched in. He was magic, because he could make white snow turn yellow. Awesome.

If it was a snowy Saturday or Sunday, Dad might be at Eisenhower Park playing football with the other Dads. He always brought a caraffe of hot chocolate with him, but when he returned we were not allowed to partake of the leftovers. Dad sometimes (as in always) fortified his hot chocolate with a spirited beverage. Mom would make us some fresh hot chocolate when were sufficiently frozen from play, and would float some marshmallows on top for good measure.

Aaaaah to be a kid on a truly snowy snow day.


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