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Friday, August 31, 2007

Hangover Haiku

Here is I haiku I penned today that sums up how I feel:

Bacchus you bastard
Wine melts away the hard day
Morning brings brain pain

The ibuprofen has kicked in though, and I am feeling much improved.

Um yeah I have been ignoring my blog. Sorry y'all. I have been making jewelry, and writing my novel, which I am happier with every time I write a section.

We do not have a wedding this weekend, so I am hopeful we will have a nice relaxing time at home. I hope to finish my latest painting this weekend. The trees are woefully void of leaves (much like our sad trees here in Tennessee) and then I will paint apples.

A dear friend, who resides in Franklin and is very active in the community, has asked Dear Husband and I to volunteer as wine pourers for an event called Wine Down Main Street, which takes place on November 2. It sounds like a ton of fun, and I am really looking forward to it. Here is more info on the event.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Creative Coco

I can't begin to tell you how much I love being creative. I try to be creative in every part of my life.

1. I enjoy cooking - a lot. Entertaining 12 people? No problem. Do I want help? Yes only if that help is in the form of helping yourself to a nice glass of wine, and being entertained whilst I am in the kitchen with my space unfettered.

2. I am working on a new painting. It is a landscape that features an apple orchard. I have a dear friend that is looking at opening a business, and she is interested in selling my paintings at said business. It is a touristy town, and she said bears, apples and items of the like are big sellers. So I'm working on what I want my apples to look like.

3. I have fleshed out the introduction, and the first two chapters of my book. Y'all I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about this particular creative pursuit. Everyone that I have shown my outline to has had great things to say. A major part of the book revolves around the building I work in, which is a historic building in downtown Nashville with an extremely colorful past. Write about what you know. Well, I know tons about early 20th Century history, I love Nashville and I love this building. The building has 15' high original windows, gorgeous woodwork, original huge doors with fancy knobs, and even a secret passageway. How could I not write about this? Wouldn't it be funny if my book took off, and people wanted a tour of the building? Whoa that would be crazy, but in a good way.

It is my hope and prayer that someday I can be full-time creative. It will happen at the right and perfect time. I know it will.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Yes I Know

Shame on me for ignoring you dear blog. It has been entirely too long, but you know I have been busy. The wedding season is going full tilt right now, and in my free time I have been opting to paint rather than write here.

Plus I am super excited about another project going on right now. I have completed my outline for my first novel, and am really pumped about it. The novel combines many loves - early 20th Century history, Nashville, and a bit of humor thrown in for good measure. Although I adore books by Sophie Kinsella and the like, this work is going to be very original. It is not about girls shopping, or their fear of being alone and eventually eaten by a pack of wild dogs. I started writing the actual book this weekend, and boy was it fun. I felt so creatively alive inside - if that makes any sense at all. I really think that if I did not have all of my creative pursuits I would go quite mad, but hey there are tons of wacko artists out there, so perhaps madness would help the creative juices.

So there is my excuse. Keep checking back for updates. I'll be around.