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Friday, July 28, 2006

Coco Knows Parties

My dear and darling husband is out of town. Therefore, I'm having a little soiree this evening. I've invited some super cool ladies, have bought libations and food, and tidied up the place. My actions brought to mind some considerations hosts should think of when throwing a party:

1. Libations. Remember that some of your guests might be tee-totalers. Be sure to have some non-alcoholic beverages on hand. For those inclined to drink spirited beverages, buy white and red wine, along with some interesting beer. Coco believes that if you are going to drink caloric beverages, those beverages should be flavorful. Michelob Ultra is vile....it is a bastard beer with no taste. Coco is serving Newcastle Brown Ale and Amstel Light. I find that among the light beers, Amstel has the best flavor, and Newcastle is just fabulous. As for the wines, I stuck with Yellow Tail varietals. I find this brand to be consistent and very drinkable for those with varying degrees of wine appreciation.

2. Food. Never serve anything drippy or messy. You will undoubtedly have drips and stains on your carpet. Also, you need to remember (especially in this day and age) that not everyone has the same diet. Be sure to have some vegetarian options on hand. Crudite and ranch dip has been done to death, hummus and crackers is a fun alternative.

3. Lighting. Full blown light is only acceptable if it is a day party. For evening affairs, lighting should be subdued and subtle. Candles are great for creating a lovely environment. Be sure that not all of your candles are scented. Too much scent can be overpowering and cause headaches.

4. Music. Consider the group you have invited, or the mood you would like to convey. I find that Jazz is always wonderful. Music should not be so loud that you can not carry on a conversation easily, and it should not be so distracting that lyrics interrupt conversation.

5. Remember that if something goes wrong, if you don't make a big deal about it then nobody else will. Have fun!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Coco Knows.....so ask me already!

Dear reader Jane has asked me for my advice/opinions on the following faux pas. She also suggested I have an "Ask Coco" feature for those seeking advice. Coco is glad to help, so please e-mail me if you are so inclined. Here is Jane's e-mail, and my responses are in italics:

1. People, Men AND Women, who insist on wearing sun-visors in public - on the golf course or a tennis match is ONE thing, but in a restaurant or
some other public event is a serious no no. I have a fashion challenged friend who insists on wearing one - even after I have told him (out of love) what a dork he looks like. How vile. Nothing says fashion death better than putting see-through plastic on your head. Now, if said person is on a golf range or eating at the club house after tennis, I do not see a problem with this head gear, as long as it is outside. If said person is at an event other than a sporting match, or eating at an al fresco restaurant, there are much better options. A nice straw hat with a wide brim is always lovely, and goes with most ensembles. Baseballs hats are not acceptable, there are much nicer options for men as well. Target has a nice selection of hats at affordable prices. So pick one up!

2. Those wallets that are fastened to their jeans by a chain - is pick-pocketing such a problem that we must leash out wallets at this point? Yeah I don't get that look either. Are you a military agent perchance? Is your wallet as precious as "The Football" that is carried on Air Force One? If not, there is no reason for such a garish piece of hardware. If your concern is security, invest in a money belt.

3. Man sandals - talk amongst yourselves. I do not have a problem with men in sandals. As long as said sandals are not nasty in appearance. Leather sandals can look great with a nice pair of linen pants or shorts for summer wear. Stained and worn out plastic flip flops look gross. We all know they cost $5. If you want to wear those, spend another $5 and at least look presentable.

4. Women, who have "cankles" or "mankles" who insist on wearing capri pants - or pedal-pushers, as my Mother calls them. Now I understand that there is not one size for every woman, and every woman deserves to be comfortable and not swaddled in lots of clothing, especially in the heat of the summer. As long as said capri pants do not look like they are strangling the legs (especially in the ankle/lower leg region), and are tailored to give shape, I'm fine with this look. It's all about owning your size.

So keep those e-mails coming folks!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Luxury of Time

As you know, Coco loves luxury, and luxury can take on many forms. Time is a luxury, and something that people don't appreciate enough.

So here's a typical day for Coco:

6:00 Wake up, throw on workout gear, and take a walk.
6:45 Shower and dress for work.
7:30 Breakfast and tidy up kitchen.
8:30 - 5:30 Work in cubicle. Boo.
6:00 Arrive home. Pet cats and scrunch husband's shoulders.
6:45 Prepare and eat dinner.
8:00 Dishes and tidy up kitchen.
8:30 T.V. and/or whatever craft I'm working on.
10:00 Read in bed.
11:00 Lights out!

So what fills your day? Do you roll out of bed at the latest possible time and hurry to work, and then hurry home just to watch T.V.? Lame. An average person needs 7-8 hours of sleep. If you have a good diet, and exercise, that amount of sleep should leave you feeling rested and refreshed. I know that most people are allergic to getting up early, but that time is important to me. It is my alone time. When I walk, there is little humidity, the sun is not beating on my head, and there are bunnies to be seen. I'm able to do some great thinking. I suggest that you do what I did above. Take inventory of your time. See where you can improve. If you find that the majority of your night hours are taken up by sitting in front of the T.V., there is room for improvement friend!

Think about what might be said about you when you are no longer of this earth. Would you like people to sum up your life by saying "Oh....she sure loved her game shows! She would watch them for hours on end." or would you rather hear "She had such a passion for life." The decision is yours. It is never too late to do something different and fabulous for yourself. That change can be little at first, but it can lead to big opportunities!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Coco's Makeup Tips

Coco is a big believer in owning what you already are. Beauty radiates from inside. If you have a good heart and a positive outlook, that will show externally. No amount of makeup can create a smile on your face, or sparkle in your eyes.

I understand the importance of makeup, but I also believe that makeup is meant to enhance, not create a false image of what you would like to be. If it looks like you are wearing makeup, you are wearing too much makeup. I do not care if green metallic eyeshadow happens to be in vogue, it is just wrong, wrong, wrong. If you are going out dancing or something, it is fine to have some fun with your makeup, but I have seen people wearing false eyelashes, raccoon eye liner, and metallic unnatural shades on their eyelids during the day. Scary.

So let's focus on makeup. Let's start with some basics.

1. When applying makeup, try to find a source of natural light. You will better be able to see exactly what you are doing and make sure everything is blended properly.

2. There is nothing worse than a foundation demarcation line on your chin. Blend blend blend! This also goes for eye shadow and blush. No harsh lines anywhere. Think soft.

3. Light application is best. Do not use a trowel to apply foundation. It makes me sad when I see a pretty girl that has way too much foundation on her skin. Your skin cannot breathe with that much goo on your face. If you feel that you need a bit more color, you can then apply more, but just be sure that it is not too much.

4. Do not use the crappy little blush brush that is provided. Buy a nice big fluffy brush. That will ensure that your blush will go on with little if any streaking.

This is what I use:

1. Foundation: I love Aveda foundation. It might seem expensive, but it goes a long way, is very light on your skin, and has SPF. I use the lightest shade since I am of a fair complexion.

2. Blush. I use Neutrogena Sheer Highlighting Blush. Again, it is sheer and light, and gives you a healthy glow. Plus, aren't the boxes of color just too cute?

3. Eyes. I don't like to use eyeliner for the day, but if you do, please do not use some strange color. Brown, black or dark green are suitable depending on your skin and eye color. I have hazel eyes, so browns and pinks work best for me. I am currently using Almay intense i-color for hazels. It goes on very smoothly and blends with little effort. I finish my eyes with a classic. Great Lash Mascara.

4. Lips. My favorite lipstick right now is Aveda's Lip Color Concentrate in Shizandra. It looks and feels fabulous. It has peppermint as an additive, which feels very cool.

So remember, less is more, natural look is best, and smile!

Monday, July 24, 2006


As many of my readers know, my dear and darling husband is a photographer. We had a wedding in West Tennessee this weekend.

The weather was lovely...in the 80's, the sun was shining, the bridal couple was the epitome of happiness, as was the bridal party, who you could tell had been buddies since school.

When we have weddings that require distance drives, I enjoy them a lot. It gives me time to talk with my husband, who is extremely busy. When he is driving, there's nothing else he can do than talk, and yesterday afternoon we had a great trip home.

Upon arriving home, he received a call from the bride. One of the groomsmen had died early Sunday morning, and she wanted to know about pictures we had taken of him. Husband said he would call her back just as soon as he could turn his computer on.

I was in a state of shock, I was thinking of the six groomsmen that had been all smiles and joy the previous day. Was the decedent the groomsman that was married with two children? The one with the pregnant girlfriend? Of course, the loss of any one of those young groomsmen was a tragedy in itself, but I needed to know.

Husband called her back, and it was neither of them. It was a young fellow, bright eyed and handsome. I remembered that he drove this huge truck, the tires jacked the body way up, dwarfing my smallish SUV, and the engine made a huge rumble rumble. Perhaps he was of the mindset that he was impervious; that he had his whole life ahead of him. Sadly this was not to be.

The bride needed pictures because it was probably going to be a closed casket for visitation.

It would have been crass to ask outright if he was driving drunk, but the facts do suggest that very conclusion. There was an afterparty that the husband and I attended, and it was all drinking and dancing. After that some of them went to a bar. I will not get into details, but the end result was the decedent hitting a tree a few miles from his home. There were decisions that could and should have been made, but they were not. An absolute tragedy.

I was absolutely numb yesterday. The previous day I pinned a boutonnière to his lapel, I'm the person behind the camera that makes subjects smile. I made him smile. I couldn't understand how someone so robust with life could be gone in a matter of hours.

Friends. I know you have heard this in the media ad nauseum, but PLEASE think before you drink. You know that sensation of calm you might feel after that first drink? Well, that's impairment. Your feelings and sensations are being depressed. Your friends and family love you. They want you around. Proximity to the home does not guarantee that you will make it home. Please......don't drink and drive.

I believe in God. I believe that Christ died for my sins. I pray that he rests in peace.

Friday, July 21, 2006

It's about the little things.

Greetings friends. I’ve been thinking about small, economical things you can do to make your self feel better, and look better. I present the following list for your education and entertainment.

1. Drink water. I know I’ve said it before, but it is so important. A hydrated body is a happy body.

2. Take a multivitamin every single day. This is imperative especially if you tend to have a poor diet. Just this one little step will improve your health, give you a better defense against colds, and improve your hair and nails.

3. Keep your nails tidy. I tend not to wear polish, but I do keep them looking neat and clean courtesy of my metal file, and a fantastic product Neutrogena makes called Instant Nail Enhancer. It has vitamins, etc. that are supposed to improve your nails, but I don’t know if that is true or not. It wears off in a day or two, and gives your nails a buffed, slightly shiny appearance. Guys can use this too if they are so inclined……it’s that neutral. The best thing about this product is that there is absolutely no smell, so you can use the product at work without stinking up the place.

4. Stretch and maintain good posture. Cubicle drones tend to slump over their desk all day. This is so very bad for your back muscles, and it does not present a professional image. Keep your back nice and straight, and take a break every so often and stretch. It’s a great way to reduce stress, and you will feel better instantly, even if the feeling is fleeting since you have to go back to work.

5. Keep those shoes shined! I don’t care if you have a lovely suit on. If your shoes are dull and scuffed, people will notice. If the heels are worn down, it’s time for a new pair, or take them to a shoe repair shop if the rest of the shoe is still in good condition.

6. Eyebrows. The natural look is in, thankfully. Coco is a big believer in looking natural rather than contrived. But, just because the natural look is in doesn’t mean you should let them get out of control. Invest in a good pair of tweezers, and just pluck whatever seems unruly or out of place. This goes for men too. Men should own a sharp pair of grooming scissors, used for this purpose only, and trim whatever is too long. Just don’t go overboard. Less is more when it comes to eyebrows.

7. Scents. Whether it is for the home or for your body, pick out a scent that pleases you, and use it. Citrus scents can be invigorating, and others, like lavender and jasmine, can be relaxing. Buy candles, lotion, body scrubs, and perfumes in your favorite scents. The smell will bring a smile to your face, or relax your cares away.

8. Recreation. It costs nothing to put your shoes on, and take a stroll around the neighborhood. If you are walking at night, wear light colored clothing, or invest in a reflective walking/running vest. Even though the vest is rather ugly, it is better to be safe than dead. If you have time during the day, take some bread, and go to a local duck pond. Centennial Park in Nashville has a lovely pond, with happy fat ducks in residence. You will have a good time!

Sometimes well-being can be in the details. Start small, and you will have better quality of life!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

10,000 steps

Coco is going to improve herself. That's right, the word "try" was not in the previous sentence, because that's just an invitation to fail in some instances.

This morning, I put on my sneakers, my pedometer, oh yeah and some clothes, and I walked. According to many, many sources, a sedentary person may average 1000 - 3000 steps per day. I think I would qualify as a sedentary lifestyle, at least during the week when I am a cubicle drone. At the conclusion of my walk, my pedometer said that I had taken over 4,000 steps, which is like two miles of walking.

I gotta tell ya, even though it was already humid like whoa, it felt really good to be out there. The sun was obscured by clouds, I saw many merry squirrels, and the few cars on the road did not use me for target practice. After a nice cool shower, I felt like a million bucks.

So today is going to be a 10,000 step day. That's about 5 miles. I still have my pedometer on, and am going to track just how much I move around during the course of a work day. Tonight I'll take another walk after dinner, and I bet I will have achieved my goal and then some.

Monday, July 17, 2006

The Duck of Destiny

Yesterday the husband and I went to the Loveless Café. After getting our buzzer, and being told there was an hour wait, we visited the shops on the café grounds. We went into the Curious Hearts Emporium. Fun, fun store. As I perused the shelves, from the distance I saw a wooden duck, with its head held in a proud manner, and it was painted a lovely shade of red. I said to my husband, “hey, I like this duck.” Then I went in for a closer look. I noticed there was a wooden tag around its neck. The duck had a name. The tag said “My name is……”

The duck and I shared a first name. The duck was meant to live in my house.

I have a favorite song by American jazz singer Karrin Allyson. It is called “O Pato,” which is Portuguese for “The Duck.” It is impossible not to bop your head around and be happy when you hear this song. The song is about a duck that is Samba dancing, then a goose comes by and joins him, and then a swan joins them as well. I know it sounds corny, but that song has cheered me up on many a drive home after an awful day at work. One project I have had in the back of my head is to create a painting, somewhat abstract, based on this song. Now not only do I have the song for inspiration, but a model for a frame of reference. Kickass.

Here’s the website. I got the large duck. She sits proudly in my living room, just waiting to be painted. Her wish will be granted soon enough.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Coco’s Casual Friday No-No’s

Coco is fine with casual Fridays at businesses, but the word “casual” does not give you license to arrive at work looking like a slob or a whore.

Jeans. Coco knows that sometimes businesses will allow jeans occasionally to raise funds for a charity, or as a fun event every now and then. Said jeans should not have the following adjectives attached to them: ass-crack tight, coin-slot low-riding, torn, thong peeker, or vpl (as in visible panty lines). Jeans should fit well, cover everything, and not induce blindness in your fellow co-workers because you look so nasty.

Baseball cap. Never, ever acceptable. Some ladies wear caps to hide their nasty hair, probably because they didn’t get home from the bar until the wee hours of the morning, or because they rolled out of someone else’s bed. Either way everyone knows you are a whore. Just go home, wash that icky hair, and arrive to work late. At least everyone won’t turn to stone at the site of you, and worker’s compensation claims will be reduced by the simple action of shampooing.

Aberzombie & Follower t-shirts. First of all, they are wrinkled in the store, which means they will be wrinkled on you. Never acceptable to be wrinkled. Secondly, they always have smart-ass or inappropriate themes. So avoid A&F shirts or any similar shirts. We will all call you a whore. Shirts worn at the office should flatter, have good construction, and not expose either your midriff or décolletage. We will call you a whore.

So the moral to this post? Stop dressing like a whore.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Snip Snip

I got my hair cut tonight. It looks faboo. I go to J. Arledge at 4505 Charlotte Avenue (phone is 279-0881). The owner, Jennifer, is awesome. She is great at listening to you, and giving you exactly the cut you want.

So let’s talk about hair. My personal motto is “life is short, hair grows,” so you should not be afraid to change up your style, especially if you’ve worn the same style for quite some time.

If you are still sporting the same style that you had in the 80’s (and I know you are out there because I have seen you) you seriously need a hair intervention. Your hair should be an extension of your personality. For example, since I am super awesome and fun, my hair has lots of layers, which gives my naturally thick and wavy hair lots of movement. So whatever type your hair is, work with it, and listen to a GOOD stylist. They went to school just for this reason, their advice is valuable.

The worst hairstyle out there is the female mullet. You know what I’m talking about:

These ladies don't know it, but their femmullets are a cry for help. THEY ACTUALLY THINK THEY ARE THE EPITOME OF COOLNESS! If you see these ladies on the street you must give them the name and number of a good hairstylist, because the stylist that gave them this hairdo is either:

1. Mocking them behind their back; or
2. Actually thinks their client looks cool, in which case their license should be suspended or something.

So ladies.....think about your style, and think about changing it up. Remember life is short, and hair grows!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Life Lived With Passion Part 3

So what do you do when you are not working and eating? What fills in those hours you have before bedtime? If your answer is staring at the TV, you are missing out on a lot.

If you read my blog, you must get some enjoyment from the written word. Go to the library, peruse the shelves, and pick out a book that looks interesting. I like to alternate between reading a work of fiction and non-fiction. The last fiction book I read was “Brilliant” by Marne Davis Kellogg, and it was absolutely fabulous. Before that, I read an autobiography on Milton Hershey (of Hershey chocolate fame). Fascinating man. He had care programs for workers before any other business did and a great philanthropic heart. Whatever I read, I always learn something, and my vocabulary improves.

Have you been thinking of a particular hobby? Do you want to express your creativity? The internet is an amazing thing. Just Google whatever spark is in your brain, and you are on your way.

Personally, I have many hobbies. I paint, write, knit, make jewelry, sew, take photographs, cook and read. I tend to alternate between my hobbies. Right now I am into painting again. There is nothing more satisfying than taking pride in something you have painted. My only problem now is trying to figure out where I would like to place my art!

Do you find that you drive home, and stay indoors until it is time to go back to work? Time to change that. Put on your walking shoes, and stroll around the neighborhood. Unearth your bicycle from the garage and use it! My favorite time of year to walk is during the fall months, when the air is crisp and there is no humidity, plus, if you walk at night (wearing some sort of reflective item please) you can look in your neighbor’s windows and check out the décor. It’s not peeping if they leave the curtains open!

Monday, July 10, 2006

A Life Lived With Passion Part 2

Coco Chanel said “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.”

Preach on sistah. Let's talk about fabric. Are you comfortable right now? How do your clothes feel on you? Does the fabric drape well? Just because something looks good on a hanger doesn't mean it's a good deal.

What would Coco do?

1. Coco naturally digs a good sale, but if the fabric feels like crap on the hanger, it's not gonna feel good to wear. Linen, cotton blends and silk are best. Those fabrics are your friends. 100% polyester is the devil. It's going to stick on you in hot weather, and you'll feel like crap.

2. You know my deep hatred for the label Leslie Fay, but that hatred is reserved for the Sag Harbor line as well. There is never lining, the tailoring is non-existent, and it looks like you have given up on fashion. Please avoid these labels at all costs. It is better to get a nicely tailored pair of pants than a whole suits that looks like style death.

3. Look for details. Are buttons sewn on well? The garment lined? You will have more use of the garment if you don't have to re-sew buttons. If the garment is lined, it will drape on you better and not bunch up in odd places. Rember comfort is key. You are worth it!

4. Own your size. If you have told yourself you have been a size 8 since high school, but have been hitting the Krispy Kreme drive through and sit behind a computer screen all day, you may need a size intervention. If buttons or zippers look like they are screaming for mercy in the mirror, others see this as well. Some manufacturers may run smaller or larger for your "size," so bring two sizes of garment with you into the fitting room. The one that fits you with ease is the one for you.

5. Don't forget other fabrics in your house as well! Hit the department store sales, and pick up bedsheets and towels there. Quality towels will absorb water better, and they will wear better with time and many washings. The best bedsheets are pima cotton. I got a set of pima cotton sheets for a wedding present 12 years ago, and I'm still using them. There is nothing better than sleeping on soft, clean cotton sheets. A good rule is to be sure the sheet thread count is at least 250. Anything less than that will feel like paper. If it feels like paper between your fingers, are you going to get a good night's sleep?

Surround yourself in comfort, and you will be surrounded by luxury.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Live Lived with Passion Part 1

One of my favorite quotes comes from the movie Chocolat.

"Do not fear death, but rather the unlived life."

Word. So, what drives you? What makes you press on? Does your life consist of work, and little else? I hope not. A person must have passion in his/her life. Now when I say passion, I'm not just simply talking about love, even though that is important, but let's look at other avenues of passion. Today's offering will focus on food.

Do you seem to hit the drive-thru window a few times a week? Then there's room for improvement my friend. One should not eat to live, but live to eat. Food should be delicious, nutritious, a source of enjoyment, and ideally shared with friends or loved ones. Food should be savored rather than shoveled into your mouth. Plus, if you actually take the time to savor and chew your food, you will feel fuller.

Take a look in your refrigerator.....it tells a lot about you. Here's what Coco keeps on hand during this time of year:

1. San Pellegrino water. I am absolutely addicted to it. I do not buy soda unless I have company coming over. There's nothing better on a hot summer day than a fizzy glass of water with a wedge of lime. Although it is called "mineral water," there is little nutritional content, but the lime counts as vitamin C. Plus, if you're trying to cut down on your alcohol consumption, the carbonation is a nice reminder of yummy beer.

2. Chic peas. Also known as garbanzo beans, these are great either tossed in pasta for a great source of protein, or as a fun appetizer. Simply coat the garbanzo beans in olive oil, toss with your favorite spices (I like to use a cajun pepper blend) and roast in the oven until ... well, roasted. Your friends will love them.....trust me.

3. Sliced, frozen french bread. I live in a household of 2, so it's hard not to buy things and end up freezing portion of the item. When I have leftover french bread, I cut the remainder into slices and freeze them. If I have an impromptu gathering, I can always toast that bread with a little oil in the over, and top it with whatever I have for a quick bruschetta. During summer, you should always have fresh basil, tomatoes, mozzarella and red peppers on hand. All of these make great bruschetta toppers.

4. Chicken. If you have time over the weekend, there's nothing better than a chicken you roast yourself. It is so easy, your friends will be impressed, and you will have done it yourself. Cook the chicken according to the instructons on the package, but Coco adds a punctured lemon to the cavity (uhhhh take the produce sticker off and wash it first), a bay leaf, and then salt, pepper, thyme and rosemary.

5. Berries. There is NO reason to buy frozen right now. Berries are very good for you, and delicious! Berries on hand make for an easy dessert. Throw some berries in a bowl, top the serving with a little cream, and Coco gives you bonus points if you serve dessert with a glass of champagne!

Remember.....do not eat to live, but live to eat!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

A Study of Hands

First, I must say that the blogger meet up tonight was a great, fun time! Many thanks to WKRN and Nashville is Talking for getting us together.

So I got to thinking about first impressions. First impressions count folks, and the hand you offer in salutation says a lot about you. You do not have to get a manicure every week (but rawk on if you have the means and/or the time – personally I do not), but there are simple things you can do to make your hands look and feel nice. So take a look at your hands, what would they say?

Dry, rough hands – “Oh hi I work in a sandpaper factory.”
Bitten nails – “Oh hi my hobby is putting my hands in my mouth, what’s yours?”

What Would Coco Do?

1. Drink water, water, water. Everyone knows that hydration is important to having healthy skin. Hydrated skin is not dry skin. Um you do have skin on your hands folks.

2. Invest in lotion. This goes for guys too. It does not need to be anything fancy – just something that smells pleasing or perhaps is unscented for the boys unless you want to be called a girlie man. If you carry a purse keep a travel sized tube with you. Put lotion on your hands every night before you go to bed. It won’t be long before you will see an improvement.

3. Invest in a metal nail file. Those cardboard ones are crap.

4. If you work for a living like most of us, your nails should not be of a length that would make Dr. Fu Manchu proud. The best length is just above the fingertip, and the shape past the fingertip should mirror the shape of your cuticle.

5. I should not have to say this, but decals, airbrushing or other weird things put on the nail other than solid nail polish color is just plain tacky. See the below example for a serious no no (this fool even got her nails pierced).

6. Keep a little bottle of hand sanitizer with you at all times. Let’s face it, people have cooties, and if you have to shake a nail-bitten hand, there’s no telling where else that hand has traveled.

Following these simple rules should ensure that you always put your best hand forward.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My Premier Post

Greetings and salutations gentle readers! Allow me to introduce myself. The moniker I have chosen for this blog is "Coco." I believe that every woman deserves to own and wear a tiara, and that one can never have too many purses.

My previous blog did have some advice on the finer things in life, but I have scrapped that blog, and have started this one to focus on food, fashion, etiquette, travel tips, literature, movies, etc.

Some tips to help you enjoy this blog.

1. Google "Coco Chanel" and read about her. She was fabulous, and her style was timeless.
2. If you don't own a library card get one post haste. There is nothing worse than a person that has run out of adjectives and relies on curse words for "wit."
3. Go to an accessories store, and buy yourself a tiara if you don't already own one. Chores are much more amusing if you wear bling on your head.

I shall start with the topic of fashion. Please don't think that I am a label snob. I have experienced the softer side of Sears, and I believe you don't have to spend a lot of money to look classy. I love going to Stein Mart, TJ Maxx and clearance racks at department stores. I am not going to rehash what I have written in my previous blog, but here are some big dont's in WWCD World:

1. Don't buy anything that is labeled "Leslie Fay."
2. Wearing anything with epaulets or Music Man buttons is never acceptable on a shirt or blazer.
3. If you are redecorating your living room, and use a print from an item of clothing as your inspiration, said item is garish....trust me.
4. Novelty prints are never acceptable. No one will take you seriously if you sweater sports cute and fuzzy bunnies.
5. If you think something will look great once you lose five pounds, just put it down and step away......you will never wear it so don't even buy it.
6. If the item is constructed well but is a bit too big here and there, take it to the frickin' alterations place. They want to help you look better.